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Regional Product Stories

Supplying and producing locally, we position ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner in the region. In order to meet different local needs, our operations and business lines work closely together to channel their creativity and expertise to create a constant stream of new ideas and applications. In everyday life, you can find chemistry almost everywhere, in exciting and successful products. Take a closer look on our products in the SEAANZ region.

Put your feet at ease

In addition to physical fitness, athletics are always looking for the best gears for their races, which require the right material.

Break-thru the brambles

Gorse transforms New Zealand into a sea of flowers yearly. The yellow dreamscape however, is a farmer’s worst nightmare. Evonik’s BREAK-THRU® helps to battle the weed.

Protecting buildings from humidity and rain

The tropical–hot and humid climate in South East Asia might affect the facades or even the stability and safety of the buildings. With Evonik’s PROTECTOSIL®, it can help to make the buildings last much longer by providing protections from weather, oil and dirt ingress. Most importantly, it helps lower the maintenance costs.

Fueled towards a promising future

Having non-reliance on imported oil and the ongoing search for alternative energy sources are some of the most important global challenges today. 

Don’t waste the waste

Apart from housing one of the world’s oldest rainforests, Malaysia is also abundant in palm oil trees, covering over 4.7 million hectares of land for cultivation which makes them one of the largest palm oil producers and exporters worldwide. However, the great harvest comes with wastes that results in global warming.