Evonik in Australia

With the aid of wind power, solar cells, and a stunt kite, Evonik supported athletes to cross the Australian continent without using any fuel.

Evonik opened the first sales representative office in 1956. Today, out of our sales office in Mount Waverley near Melbourne, we manage our business activities in Australia and New Zealand aligned to industries.

Evonik works closely with our partners to revolutionize the things we do resource-efficiently. For example Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) plays an important role during the production of gold and uranium to improve the resource efficiency of mining operations.


Evonik Australia Pty Ltd

Evonik’s head sales & business development office in Australia.


Evonik Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 33, 1 Ricketts Road
Mount Waverly, VIC 3149
+61 3 8581 8400