Evonik is one of the world’s leading

Speciality Chemicals Companies

“Specialty chemicals” sounds like complicated products with complicated names – and they are. But did you know you use specialty chemicals every day? Not only that – you love using them.

Specialty chemicals make your life more convenient, more practical and safer. Specialty chemicals put the stickiness in glue, the washing power in laundry detergent and the lightness in lightweight components.

In a nutshell: Our chemical ingredients give products their properties. And they often turn a standard product into something special. Something that stands head and shoulders above the masses of goods on the market, setting a new benchmark: Paint that doesn’t drip, tires that lower fuel consumption and deodorants that don’t stain your favorite blouse. There’s no sphere of life where you won’t find Evonik specialty chemicals, because we operate close to markets and close to customers.