We make medicine...


The less the better – and a little is the best of all: Medicines with highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients are primarily used to treat cancer, specifically targeting tumor cells. They are so potent that the tiniest dose is plenty. Evonik is the contract manufacturer with the world’s highest capacities for the manufacture of High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


An overcoat for tablets: Our pharmaceutical EUDRAGIT® polymers coat drugs and dissolve according to specified parameters. That lets us predetermine when and where a drug is released into the gastrointestinal system, so it delivers results precisely on the mark.


Today’s tablet presses can produce up to 1.6 million pills – per hour! Our AEROSIL® flow aid ensures that, even at this breathtaking speed, the agent is distributed evenly throughout the tablet “batter,” which enables faster, more economical production.


Syringe unemployment is on the rise! That’s because Evonik takes APIs that previously had to be injected and wraps them in lactic acid-based copolymers. The “packaging” dissolves in a controlled manner in the body, releasing the right amount of medicine over a period of days, weeks or months. For patients with chronic illnesses, that means fewer injections.