Caring for communities in SEAANZ

Sustainable development and corporate responsibility are vital for the future viability of Evonik, we believe in building a trustful relationship with our neighbors in the region and therefore we are involved in many local assistance projects and initiatives.

Support children’s education in Malaysia

Children’s welfare and education are always a part of Evonik’s corporate focus. As one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, Evonik often engages schools to inspire children’s interest in science. In 2015, Evonik brought a fun chemistry class to a non-profit organization in Johor Bahru which provides shelter, education, care and protection to children with challenging backgrounds. The children were given the opportunity to learn about science by through fun experiments.

Beautifying beaches in Thailand

Usually beaches in Thailand are cleaned up by the local government or service crews hired by the hotel chains, however the beaches in the town of Map Ta Phut have always been isolated as they are far from the tourist crowds. Being a good neighbor with one production site in town, Evonik employees in Map Ta Phut carry trash bags and scour the beaches annually to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of these beaches.

Building houses in Vietnam

Although Vietnam in South East Asia has been experiencing a remarkable economic upswing for more than a decade, its infrastructure and living conditions are still incomparable to other neighboring countries. The inhabitants of the economically underdeveloped districts, such as Tan Lac region from northern Vietnam, has always been seeking for external support. As helping out is a point of honor for Evonik, employees from Evonik traveled to this remote mountainous region, rolled up their sleeves to drag stones, used shovels and bricklayers’ trowels to build houses for families.